cities 2050
cities of the future
march 20, 2018

Krzysztof Żuk

Mayor of Lublin

I am honored to invite you to the Conference Cities 2050, during which we will learn solutions to create cities that are modern and close to citizens, open to their diversity. The future is a challenge as well as a resource that we can use to develop our cities and improve the quality of life of residents.

Let's meet to look at the future of cities, to go beyond several years of plans and talk about developing visions for the next decades. During inspirational presentations and workshops, we will learn about innovative solutions from Poland and Europe that have allowed cities to enter a higher level of sustainable development, becoming an example for others. Participation in the conference is a great opportunity to establish contacts and build relationships with people that share a modern view of the future.

About the conference

20 marca 2018
Lubelskie Centrum Konferencyjne

Conference Cities 2050 will bring together experts in such areas as foresight for cities, co-production, co-management, technological and social tools, and it is addressed to representatives of Polish cities: civic sector institutions, local administrative institutions, as well as to academic mediums, non-governmental organisations and business owners. The purpose of this event is not to summarize the achievements of Polish cities, but to look ahead in the search for bold solutions that will allow us to build the city of tomorrow by providing the highest quality practical knowledge and examples of solutions that allow building modern and attractive cities regardless of their size. Speakers from Poland and Europe will present solutions that already change the way we think about the city, technologies, its resources and potential. The conference will be a multi-dimensional experience opening the opportunity to learn about technological and social innovations that improve the quality of life of residents and generate savings for local governments and are an inspiration for non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs and universities ready to co-create their cities.


Mariusz Sagan, PhD

Head of Strategy and Investor Relations Department, the City of Lublin; Warsaw School of Economics
Mayor’s representative responsible for special economic zone. Co-developer of Lublin 2020 Development Strategy where development plan for the largest city in eastern Poland is presented. He initiated such programmes as Lublin IT Upland, Study in Lublin, Life Science Cluster, and Lublin Medicine Cluster.

Edwin Bendyk

“Polityka”, Collegium Civitas
Journalist, publicist and writer. Expert in the subject of civilization and the relationship between science and technology and politics, economy, culture, and social life. Curator of the “Miasto przyszłości / Laboratorium Wrocław” program at the European Capital of Culture 2016.

Aleksandar Lazovski

SkopjeLab – Center for Innovation of the City of Skopje
Corporate Partnership Specialist. He helps private companies and the public administration detect common challenges, realize mutual value propositions and develop and implement innovative approaches.

Louise Pulford

Director of Social Innovation Exchange
Louise is an expert on the value of networks and social innovation globally. Designs and facilitates social innovation training programmes for governments and universities. She worked at the European Commission and wrote a Study on Social Innovation for the Bureau of European Policy Advisors.

Marcin Gerwin, PHD

Specialist for financing development and participation
A political scientist by profession, a coordinator of citizen panels. Co-founder of Sopocka Inicjatywa Rozwojowa. Author of the books ‘Food and Democracy’ and ‘Climate-friendly food’.

Justyna Król

CEO, Urban Workshop
Justyna’s specialization are innovations for local governments – from socialized urban foresight to public consultations on technology in cities. Author of the City2050 project, which allows to find a common space for designing the future of cities.

Marta Żakowska

Editor in Chief, Cities Magazine
Founder and editor-in-chief of the “Magazyn Miasta” (“ Cities Magazine“), by Res Publica. Researcher and cultural animator. Member of the Warsaw Institute for Public Space Research and Polish Urban Movement Congress.


Writer, commentator and researcher. Author of many publications about Scotland and Great Britain, among others on the topics of social policies and ideas, perspectives and challenges in the future, management at the government and local government level.

Vytautas Jankauskas

Designer and Researcher, Superflux
Vytas is a designer and futures researcher. Vytautas explores the boundaries of what we consider as our national identity.

Milutin Risteski

SkopjeLab – Center for Innovation of the City of Skopje
A political scientist by profession. Junior Associate at Mayor’s Support Department at City of Skopje. Worked as social media specialist for 8 years.

Duncan Collins-Adams

Communications & Events Coordinator, Social Innovation Exchange
He manages and organises SIX’s communications and content output, helping to grow the network, and circulate information, content, knowledge and upcoming events.

Huub Droogh

RDH Urban
Dutch urban planner. A specialist in the field of urban planning and sustainable development of cities and regions.

Tamta Dokvadze

Rustavi Innovation Hub
Working in Local Governance, Head of service development department of Rustavi City Hall. Proud member of Innovation Hub of Rustavi and Trainer of Electoral Systems.

Revaz Barbakadze

Rustavi Innovation Hub
10 years in Georgia NGO sector for local governance, economic development, non-formal education, communities, OGP, participatory budgeting, innovations. Head of Innovation Hub and Assistant to the Mayor of Rustavi.

Piotr Nowiński

Philips Lighting Poland
Specialist in Intelligent Lighting and Smart Cities at Philips Lighting Poland. Representative of the Smart City Roadshow consortium – an initiative bringing together community and local government with trends in the development of smart city technologies.

Marcin Kęćko

Deputy Head of the Strategy and Investor Relations Department, the City of Lublin
While working in the Ministry of Economy, Kęćko participated in developing a variety of business support programmes and projects encouraging companies to use innovation. Since 2016, he officially represents the Mayor of Lublin in any start-up-related matters.

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